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Raising the bar

VARO University

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All-in-one Fitness Solution

The VARO bar was engineered to provide a simple and portable solution to fitness training no matter where you are. Its unique design allows for over 100 movements. With the ease of dumbbells, the functionality of a barbell, and the grip of an axel bar - your workout options are limitless.

The VARO bar also serves as an effective fascia manipulation tool, can be connected to another VARO bar to create a full axel bar, and even have weight plates added to it!

The only tool I needed

The VARO bar kickstarted my transformation and has been a core part of my training. I'm down 25 lbs, feeling stronger than ever.

- Liwordson Vijayabalan, Entrepreneur

Pandemic Solution

Gym's closing had me feeling hopeless about my fitness. The VARO bar gave me control again and I'll forever be grateful.

- Stephen N